Practical Actions for Organisations

There are Practical Actions Dharmic Community Organisations can take to achieve the Dharmic Community’s Vision of political significance.

  1. Help ODV Map the Dharmic Voters – Encourage your members to sign up to ODV database.
  2. Distribute to your members and network the information and literature ODV supplies you.
  3. Encourage your members to become volunteers for ODV in their OWN right. NOT as representatives of your organisation.
  4. Display ODV posters and give access to our literature in your buildings and events.
  5. At meetings, events and functions – give the local ODV volunteers some time to present key policy areas that impact on the members and to explain the rational for the Vision ODV is working on and how the members / audience can contribute make it a reality.
  6. Sign up to support your members as outlined above. Please complete the form below.

In ODV’s opinion this is lawful and will not compromise any community organisation and your members are free to vote for whoever they feel is in their best interests.