Practical Actions for Individuals

There are Practical Actions Individuals can take to achieve the Dharmic Community’s Vision of political significance.

  1. Help ODV Map the Dharmic Voters – Please subscribe yourself and encourage your family and friends to do likewise. Please use this link and share across all your social media. It’s only basic information we need.
  2. Sign up as a Volunteer Team (please complete the for below for each volunteer) with ODV. Ideal is a minimum team of 4 people but larger teams are even better to
    • increase the number of voters by encouraging registration to vote and where appropriate apply for the Postal vote.
    • Help distribute our literature. One significant way is to encourage people to put up ODV posters on front doors / windows. With enough of these going up it will help galvanise our community, make our community’s presence visible and most important – it will make EVERY political party sit up and take us more seriously. The posters will be delivered to local volunteers free of cost.
    • Help with canvassing and surveys – This is not for everyone, but for those who are willing, ODV can induct in the simple process.
    • Help with uploading the data on to an Excel / csv file.
    • Responsibilities as an ODV volunteer – All you do must be done honestly, fairly and with courtesy. You will always be following Electoral Commission and the Information Commissioners rules (GDPR) and guidance. ODV will provide guidance on these.