General Election 2019

Vision Statement

To make the Dharmic Community (i.e. those peoples whose spiritual heritage originated from the Indian sub-continent) in policy and political terms significant.

Mission Statement

Build a consensus and to harness the resources (skills, knowledge, human and financial) of the community organisations and their members to build an effective network to deliver on the Vision.

Aims & Objectives

  1. Map where the Dharmic voters are at both the ward and constituency levels. This will guide us to where and by what margin we could influence.
  2. Increase the % who actually vote to at least 80%. Current average is 30% and one of the key reasons why the Dharmic community is treated as being politically Insignificant.
  3. Provide a Political Party and Policy analysis from a Dharmic voters perspective for an informed choice to Vote on.
  4. End Blind loyalty to ANY party – The individual community member needs to shed his / her auto-historical voting patterns of dogma and instead take the opportunity at each election to review and evaluate actual outcomes from their vote and measure the honesty, integrity, deliverability and finally the impact this will have on the Dharmic community as a whole.
  5. Lobbying of Political Parties on any policies of interest to the Dharmic Community. This would done on an ongoing basis beyond the election periods.
  6. Lobbying of MP’s and Peers to promote or safeguard the interests of the Dharmic community.
  7. New generation of Political activists, researchers, Cllrs and MP’s from the Dharmic community who will work with, support and stand up for the community interests. Over the next 5, 10, 15 and 20 years to have Cllrs and MP’s in every major party in significant numbers.

Roles & Functions

    1. Operation Dharmic Vote (ODV) ODV have run policy impact campaigns in targeted constituencies in both the 2015 and 2017 General Elections. We work with the Electoral Commission to ensure we work within the spirit and the law in what we do.  The primary role and function of ODV is to evaluate policy impacts from the political party manifestos and policies along with the “friendliness” of the local candidates and to make recommendations as to which political party and candidate is best in the interests of the Dharmic community. This would be shared with community organisations to share / pass on to their members who would finally decide to accept ODV guidance or to vote for whoever they feel best meets their needs.
    1. Community Organisations & Party-Political bias – By most community constitutions, by Charity Commission rules and good practice for the long run, community organisations, should NOT take or make party political statements.
    2. Community Organisations & Policy Impacts – This is an area community organisations have a clear duty and responsibility to themselves and their members. In the context of local or national elections, community organisations where possible should facilitate for the benefit of their members a cross party hustings or debate with the local candidates. To serve their members in distributing literature and communications from organisations such as ODV.
    3. Community Members & their Votes – Each member exercising their democratic rights and voting in an informed manner and taking account of their wider responsibility to their Dharmic community and the wider society need to perform their Dharam and vote without fail. That will achieve the community’s vision of being taken seriously and being politically significant.

Practical Actions for Individuals

Practical Actions for Organisations