Recorded in Leicester on Saturday 9th November, at a Demo organised by…    The 3 short unedited video clips opposite, demonstrate how much the Labour Party and certain trade unions hold Indians in contempt!

They choose to bend the truth and pander to a community that is clearly their vote bank.

Manoj Keshavji from Leicester who asked and recorded the questions of the protest organiser, Andrea Rebecca Burford who is a Labour Party activist from Leicester East Labour Party and also a member of the UNITE union.  Manoj said “What sickens me more is that some in their ‘group’ had brought an effigy of PM Modi to hang publicly. But they were stopped from doing this.”

At the Diwali Protests in London an effigy of PM Modi was dragged along the streets of London and later kicked and smashed.

British Indians…Don’t be afraid and do Stand-up & Arise (to borrow the words of Swami Vivekanand) to ask questions. Record these protests / groups to get a true and full picture as to what is happening.