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Key ACLC outcome Objective – Repeal legislation AND Case Law

On 5th July the caste consultation was extended from 17th July 2017 to 18th Sept. 2017 following ACLC’s representation to the GEO. In the community workshops and helping individuals to respond to the consultation, ACLC has found a clear majority of our community and community organisations are struggling to find words that match their intentions. ACLC has also been approached by various organisations and individuals on the conflicting recommendations and contradictory advice they are receiving as to the best way to respond to safeguard themselves and the community.

To encourage as many people to respond to the caste consultation as possible, ACLC has set out information at levels and in a manner, that suits different groups of people. We hope you find this convenient and useful.

For Business and Community organisations, the information provided by the Govt in the consultation document presents and offers “choices” that have pre-emptive questions and deceptive options that have the potential that businesses and Dharmic Communities could misunderstand the process and potentially give responses that would compromise our communities’ future.

Please support and endorse the policy of ACLC to repeal BOTH the case law and caste Legislation. For this we consent to supporting the joint letter to Rt. Hon. Justine Greening and to submit a response to the consultation on our behalf.

By filling in the form below you Consent to Anti Caste Legislation Committee (ACLC)

  1. We will encourage our members and other stake holders to complete the responses to the government Caste Consultation in accordance to the guidance and replies provided by ACLC.
  2. We consent to ACLC forwarding and liaison with the Govt offices on this issue on our behalf.
  3. We will support the ACLC policy to lobby our local MP and parliament to do the same.
  4. We will circulate whatever briefing papers, notes and documents that are prepared by ACLC to our members and other stake holders.
  5. We will provide whatever support and resources ACLC requires and are available to us.
  6. For ACLC to submit the long version of the template ACLC has prepared.
  7. To sign up to the collective letter (links below) to the Equality Minister Rt Hon Justine Greening MP from as many Dharmic organisations as possible.

For Businesses –

For Community Organisations –

Why is the caste legislation being imposed on the Dharmic community?

The caste legislation has been promoted and pushed by politically motivated vested interests which in the guise of equality and human rights are targeting the Dharmic community.

ACLC’s recommendation is to lobby and hold politicians, political parties, policy makers and the Government accountable and ensure they address our concerns and taken on board relevant impacts.

Dealing with the Government

Government and political parties have been dealing with their preferred Dharmic organisations for years. These organisations have had privileged briefings by political parties and government representatives or insiders who have convinced these organisations the merits of case law. Although ACLC has provided them briefings you see here in the third column and set out the dangers of either legislation or case law remaining, they have not changed their views nor adequately justified them.

Impact of these privileged briefings on the Dharmic Community

Different organisations have provided conflicting advice.  How some of the key questions are answered will determine what the Government will impose on us. The outcome will be the responsibility of the leadership of ALL the key organisations.

Useful Links


Why Consultation was extended –


Briefing on why Repeal both legislation and case law –


Impact on community organisations –


Impact on businesses –


ACLC Comparison Responses to Caste Conslation by key Hindu Organisation –


Outline of Briefing Meeting


Brief outline as follows:


1. Presentation –


Impact on businesses followed by Q&A


Impact on community organisations followed by Q&A


Impact on ordinary community members followed by Q&A


Impact on Public sector followed by Q&A


2. Why Repeal Case Law and Legislation


3. What can each of you do – Actions – Sign up to ACLC + become a Policy Activist + Spread the word through family, friends and social media.


4. Sign on ACLC consent forms


For those who want to review the matter in more detail read on.


What outcomes can we potentially expect from this consultation?  – On the face of it, The Govt. is offering either formal legislation of caste or allow the courts to develop case law. NEITHER option is acceptable to our communities.


Deadline for submissions to ACLC is 13/9/17 to meet the Govt deadline of 18/9/17.


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